Leadership Team


Bob Willis– President/CFO

For over 40 years, Bob has ensured that we’ve remained highly relevant and consistently winning for our clients in an industry that has changed dramatically with laser printing, the internet and mobile computing as examples. This passion for serving the customer and the wisdom to embrace the right technology to propel clients forward is deeply ingrained in our culture.


Ryan Jackson – Chief Executive Officer/Chief Information Officer

Teamwork in companies is often talked about. At MPX it is ingrained. Ryan assembles smart people, with unique skills, including both technical and problem solving passions that our clients can count on. Inspired by his example, each team member does their part extremely well, and knows that whatever is handed off will be further propelled by the next in line. Clients and their customers win as a result.


Tim Cole – Chief Customer Officer

Growth only comes when the customers of our clients are thriving. Thriving only comes when the touchpoints and solutions we create make a real difference in the daily experience of the customers we jointly serve with our clients. Tim leads us on this path to shared success and growth.


Dan Heskett – Director, Application Development

Dan has the rare ability to thoughtfully solve business and consumer challenges with the right process and technology solutions. Deeply experienced in document rendering, online and mobile processes, effective integrations and common sense, he is an especially valued contributor to any project.


Chris Falk – Director, IT Operations and Security

Steeped in network, security and IT operations, Chris carefully considers and addresses what matters to business solutions and compliance leaders. Thorough and unyielding in anticipating both today and tomorrow’s network, security and infrastructure requirements.


Jacob Roberson – Vice President, Business Development

Jacob is a strong communicator and collaborator. He works incredibly hard to ensure that both the client and end-customer perspectives are thoughtfully incorporated into each solution. His entrepreneurial passion is witnessed by how he innovates and always seeks to carefully understand and solve the business opportunities at hand.


Mandee Fish – Director, Technology Solutions

For over 10 years, Mandee has designed custom solutions for our customers. She understands the underlying technologies and unique infrastructure capabilities that are instrumental in the strength of each solution. She also comprehends the business nuance and complexities of the industry verticals that we support, enabling solutions that satisfy the daily experience expectations of the customers that our clients serve.


Chris Crowley – Director, Business Development

With nearly 20 years of being a solutions leader for MPX and our clients, Chris understands our full breadth of capabilities. Among many other topics, he is an expert at direct mail, statement solutions and artfully navigates the complexities of the USPS.


Tom Prescott – Director, Fulfillment

With extensive print industry insight and experience, Tom ensures our fulfillment programs always deliver as promised. Whether an ongoing program or a one-off project, Tom and his team keep a close eye on the many details that matter. From managing those details, to offering ideas and improvements as appropriate, we become a valued extension of your team.


Shawn Humphrey – General Manager, SFX Production Services

Process controls, audits, staffing consistency and flexibility, equipment redundancy, and a production team culture that embraces your schedule as our schedule, all contribute to our definition of doing things right. We know results matter. Shawn has assembled production capabilities to deliver on every detail, every day.


eDocuments & Payments

Online solutions, securely and smartly designed, to empower and inspire the self-serve evolution.



Critical Documents

With customers calling and seeing you less, the design and utility of your recurring communications are how you show your customers what they mean to you.



Data Services

Data is powerful when thoughtfully rendered into something that the recipient values and looks forward to receiving.



Fulfillment Services

Combining business sense, common sense and data management excellence result in elegant fulfillment solutions that users and management alike are thrilled to use.