pre-printing privacy notices

Health plans are required to send certain communications on a regular basis such as privacy notices. Using HealthLinq™, insurers can redesign their processes for cost savings and efficiency by pre-printing these notices and mailing them concurrently with other communications such as invoices, member kits, or statements. This efficient process allows health plans to reduce both paper usage and production costs.

“Consolidated mailings are a logical solution for cutting costs, especially when it comes to required and repetitive documents, though it’s only with an experienced partner that you truly achieve the maximum savings and efficiencies available.”

- Ryan Jackson, CEO, MPX

Health plans have several notices that they are required to send to members either annually or based on specific circumstances. Although plans may combine those notices with other mailings (e.g., invoices, EOBs. etc.) they may be incurring higher than normal costs by printing them in conjunction with other content.

Operational leaders at Health plans often approach us looking for practical and convenient ways to reduce operating expenses. By making thoughtful design changes to required communications, plans can realize material and postage cost reductions without losing impact with the correspondence in question.

With the HealthLinq™’s team pre-planning and review, cost savings and efficiencies in some cases can be realized by pre-printing standard notices and collating them with on-demand materials to allow for volume production and lower costs. The added challenge then lies in joining these pre-printed items with on-demand materials, which requires an examination of the production process and a system to ensure accuracy in kitting and delivery.

With a strong legacy in custom design and integration services, HealthLinq™ enables organizations to effectively design and automate the packaging of notices and other messaging with member mailings. Using the HealthLinq™ Rendering Engine, notices can be pre-printed with unique barcodes and automatically included with member mailings via automated collation processes.

One of our clients, a regional health plan located in the western region was able to achieve the following:

  • Save 50% on print production costs by preprinting its Privacy Policy and Non-discrimination Notice
  • Overall reduction in cost of 50% per piece ($0.33/piece) by also changing production method from 4 sides to a single 8.5x5.5 folded piece with machine insert
  • An overall 25% reduction in total mailing  production costs ($0.565/item), not including postage savings

If your plan is looking for cost savings as well as coordinated efficiency with your member communications, HealthLinq™ may be the right fit. Contact us today to learn how our team can help your organization optimize your member communications.