Being an MPX Customer is a Focus on Growth and Customer Ease

At MPX, we do not believe in simply selling great products and services. Our approach is to work collaboratively with customers to achieve mutual goals. We want to be integral to your success and have the proven ability to drive real results. In today’s world, those results can only be realized by engaging and servicing a demanding consumer who expects you to provide intuitive online tools and digital communication. Read more >>

MPX Retail Energy Case Study & Client Testimonial

The following case study was written by one of our retail energy clients. This is a client we've worked closely with over the past three years. When we met, we both had the goal of making a real difference in how energy consumers are served. Our client had two primary objectives influencing their priorities and decisions: 1.) Make it easy for end-customers to do business with them, and 2.) Make it easy for the customer service team to do what they come in each morning to accomplish, which is to take good care of customers. Read more >>

The Problem with Health Plan One-Off Mailings

One-off mailings are commonly viewed as a nuisance by health plans and TPAs. They’re sometimes unexpected, urgent and can create a scramble to deliver accurately and on-time. Others are rote, annual compliance mailings that come at great expense, though with little value to members. Vendors that specialize in recurring health plan communications are often reluctant to take on one-off mailings; some refuse altogether, placing even more burden on plans and TPAs. Read more >>

The Cost of Not Moving Fast Enough

In our everyday lives, when placing an order online, we expect acknowledgement right away. When paying a bill online, we expect immediate confirmation along with an updated account balance. When parking on the street and feeding a parking meter or ticket system in many towns now, you can provide your cell number and receive a text reminder 15 minutes before your time expires. Can your members and non-members alike pay their loans with you online? Can they self-serve to activate and change their autopay settings? Do they have the option to securely pay by text? Read more >>

How Credit Unions Can Acquire Millennial Customers

I am writing this post as my Roomba rumbles past my desk chair, automatically cleaning the floor, sensing obstacles and dynamically re-routing itself. Amazon and others are serving up digital ads via my browser, and some of the products they are offering look promising. A notification from my mobile banking app shoots across the screen to tell me a purchase larger than a threshold I have set has been attempted. Read more >>

Combine ID Cards with Other Plan Documents for Savings and Ease

[html format="ckeditor" different_values="0"]<p>Health plans and TPA's annually rely on multiple print and technology vendors to deliver plan details, welcome literature, and ID cards to members. When those materials do not arrive on time or if they arrive out of sequence, members call with confusion. Members and the member services team become frustrated and unproductive as a result. Layer on significant postage expense, along with the operational burden of managing multiple vendors and countless plans, and the complexity intensifies.</p><p>Combining ID cards, welcome literature, and plan details into one data and technology driven package is a powerful way to improve member experience while eliminating expense and complexity.</p>[/html] Read more >>

Increasing Member Tenure via Integrated Marketing Communications - Digital Banking Innovation

Virtually every credit union has new customer acquisition as a top priority, but generating a new account is only the beginning. To achieve near-term profitability and long-term relationships, the new customer must become fully engaged. This engagement is typically not achieved in a day, week or month. It is the foundation of a relationship that includes, trust, dialogue, incremental growth in services, and a growth in share of wallet if done correctly. The alternative to focusing on building customer engagement is a relationship that does not meet its full potential or losing that customer to a competitor. Read more >>
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