Data Security

Client data security is an important requirement to providing critical document and fulfillment services. MPX takes this very seriously and has integrated several measures to ensure that we provide clients the most secure and reliable environment possible.

SSAE-16 Type II Certified

MPX is audited annually by a third party firm to test and evaluate all processes related to physical, data, and network security measures.

Fully Redundant Off-site Data Center

Client data is received and processed in an off-site data center that includes automatic failover redundancy, scalable resources, and state-of-the-art technology.

Fully Redundant Off-site Backup Production Center

MPX has a fully redundant production facility through a partnership with Pitney Bowes, which is tested semi-annually, and stocked with client materials for immediate use when needed.

Fully Vetted Disaster Recovery Plan

MPX has a documented disaster recovery plan which includes generator backups and business recovery procedures to provide seamless production and customer service.

Annual Staff Training

Employees are trained annually and throughout the year when processes change to ensure that everyone is aware, understands, and follows all documented procedures. New employees go through a rigorous training program upon being hired. Our culture is one of significant cross-training which results in continuous improvement.

Third Party Security Audits

Networks, web applications, data centers, and workstations are tested annually for security threats through comprehensive penetration testing and audits.