Navigating Customers' High Expectations

How consumers bank has forever changed. Consumers can be invisible, yet they maintain these high expectations of their banks, even off hours. The interaction opportunities are limited as many do their banking online. Personalized service expectations remain high. You’re faced with elevating the customer experience when not seeing them. Banks and Credit Unions must differentiate themselves, achieve greater loyalty and sales, all while spending less.

Where MPX Makes a Difference

  • Customers use mobile banking or your online portal more than they see their banker
  • Consumers see their monthly statements more than they see their banker
  • If they’re not seeing their banker, your statements and mobile access must thoughtfully inspire them to stay local and adopt your other banking services
  • While today’s consumer prefers to not speak on the telephone, when they do have to place a call, they expect personalized attention, from someone who knows them and their specifics
  • Our portals put all correspondence for each consumer at your customer service person’s fingertips, resulting in competent, quick problem resolution
  • Document Scanning to ensure ready access to customer history
  • Branch fulfillment so that each branch team is poised with the materials and tools to deliver service excellence when called upon

Integration Experts

Banks and Credit Unions use several leading core software providers. These software providers have numerous priorities to address so the core of your bank runs smoothly. Most have document output and online portals. However, because of the nearly infinite number of priorities they are juggling, their document output and mobile applications have limitations.

Our exclusive focus is on your customer touch points. Those important moments of interaction with your customers. Those day and night moments of truth, where your brand and success are being shaped by the interactions from your documents, your mobile reach, and incoming phone calls.

We are integration experts. We’re fully integrated with over 450 industry leading software modules and counting. We efficiently and securely give you and your customers the best of both worlds. We provide easy integration with all that your core software provides, coupled with output and other critical touch points specifically designed for your customer experience priorities. The important moments of interaction with your customers incorporate your core data with touch point solutions that answer (not beg) questions, and strengthen the loyalty and growth coming from your current and future customer base.