Customer Communications

We work with some of the largest telecommunications and utilities providers in the country, delivering a comprehensive array of services. At a local level, we produce tax bills and town mailings for countless municipalities and small towns. With such a broad spectrum of sophisticated services, we can become a single source for innovative projects and programs aimed to streamline operations and save money through improved processes or advanced data management.

  • Statements, Notices, Dunning Letters, Regulatory Mailings, Inbound/Outbound Portals and Lockbox
  • National and local mail solutions so that speed and cost are addressed unlike anyone else in the industry
  • Direct mail versions made easy, so each prospect has what is relevant to them

Automated and Data-Driven

MPX provides specialized fulfillment services that can be automated and integrated with existing systems, resulting in more efficient distribution of materials. With a foundation in data-driven inventory management and distribution, MPX can fulfill virtually any material or equipment with precision and supporting metrics.